Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents

You are entitled to compensation if you have sustained injuries or any other losses directly attributable to a road traffic accident in the past 36 months, which was not your fault.

This applies whether you were driving a vehicle, a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone else (including public transport), a motorcyclist, cyclist or a pedestrian.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be a traumatic and challenging process. So entrusting Lex to achieve the best possible outcome means that you can focus on recovery.

The amount you will receive in compensation for your injuries would most significantly depend on the severity of the injury whether that is a minor injury or a serious injury. A serious injury could involve you to sustain a permanent disability whether that is a head/brain injury or a spinal injury.

To whatever the extent and severity of the injury, you could receive compensation for your injury. The claim for your incident is based on a no win no fee basis.

You would be entitled to claim any detriments you encountered which could be a loss of income, a vehicle repair or any medical bills. At Lex Solicitors, the specialist solicitors will assist you on your claim and you will receive the compensation you are entitled for.

It is worth contacting our specialist solicitors who will give you legal advice on this matter. In order to claim compensation, you must prove the accident was not your fault, but the third parties. If you were entirely at fault of the accident, it is very unlikely you could make a claim. If you were to blame to some degree, you could still make a claim.

Gain expert advice from our specialist solicitors in regards to your incident and receive the correct amount of compensation that you entitled for on a No Win No fee basis. Get in touch with our specialist solicitors by booking a free initial consultation or you could contact us on 01204 387310.

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