Visa Extensions

Visa Extensions

Apply to extend a stay in the UK as the partner or dependent child of someone who is settled here, who is a refugee, or who is under humanitarian protection.

Apply for further leave to remain on the basis of a family or private life in the UK, for example if you have British Children, non-British children who have lived here for 7 years or more, or if you cannot meet the requirements for a spouse visa.

We would like to commend you if you have been successful with your UK Spouse Visa. Nevertheless, you would be permitted to remain in the UK with your spouse, but once 30 months (2.5 years) have passed or 2.75 years (33 months if the application is made overseas), you would be required to apply for a Spouse Visa Extension which renews your spouse visa. This is a very complex process. However, at Lex Solicitors, we can assure you the process will be dealt with very smoothly if you instruct our specialist immigration solicitors who will be assisting you with your visa.

Get in touch with our specialist solicitors by booking a free initial consultation or you could contact us on 01204 387310 to assist you on your visa extension. Our Specialist immigration solicitors would assist you with every step of the process.

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