Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Have you been involved in a dispute and would like to seek legal advice? Our specialist dispute resolution solicitors will give you the legal advice you need to ensure your dispute is resolved.

When solving a dispute, the process of court proceedings would be used as a last resort and only if necessary. Our specialist solicitors would assist you in negotiating an attempt for the dispute to be resolved without the costs of going to court if possible.

The wealth of experience at Lex means we are equipped to tackle most types of disputes that results in ensuing litigation. By adapting a fully client focused approach, our goal is to strategically reach a resolution swiftly and cost efficiently. Litigation is always seen as a last resort but if negotiations are unsuccessful, we will litigate on your behalf in all forums including the County Court and the High Court.

You being our client, we will ensure your dispute resolution claim is dealt with excellent service and you are given the legal advice and representation you require. Get in touch with our specialist solicitors by booking a free initial consultation or you could contact us on 01204 387310.

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