Industrial Disease

Industrial Disease

Has your current or historic working environment lead to you sustaining an illness or disease? For example, did the combination of a noisy workplace and lack of protective equipment result in hearing loss? Or perhaps, did chemicals used in production cause a skin condition or a respiratory disease? You could make a claim if any of these events occurred.

Your employer has a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of the employees in the work place. Safety measures must be taken by the employer to protect the employees from any danger or harm. A few key measures that could be taken are:

  • Equipping Personal protective equipment (PPE) if required
  • Ensuring the employees are trained to ensure safety

Over the years, the team at Lex has recovered damages for clients and their families for losses resulting from a myriad of workplace related illnesses and diseases. Do not worry if it has been many years or if your former employer is no longer trading. Contact us to discuss your diagnosis and Lex’s specialist team will investigate.

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