Residence Cards for EU/EEA Nationals or Family Members

Residence Cards for EU/EEA Nationals or Family Members

You can apply for a residence card if you’re both:

  • from outside the European Economic Area(EEA) and Switzerland
  • the family member, or extended family member, of an EEA or Swiss national who is a permanent resident or ‘qualified person’

At Lex Solicitors, our specialist immigration solicitors will assist you with every step of your application and will ensure to examine your application, so the Home Office do not refuse your application in which will save you costs and time.

We have assisted many EU Nationals with the EU Settlement Scheme and ensured they are to stay in the UK for the long term. The application is online and free, but many find the process difficult with majority cases involving the scanning of your passport / National ID Card. However, with non-EU nationals the process is much different which could cause long delays with the process.

Our Specialist Solicitors would assist you with every step of the process. Get in touch with our specialist immigration solicitors today on 01204 387310 or book a free initial consultation to gain more information on the services we can provide for you.

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