Public Liability

Public Liability

Just as you expect your employer to manage the risk of injury in the workplace, you are afforded the same protection from public and private bodies when you are in a public place that is their duty to maintain.

If you are in a public place, whether that is a park or you are going on a walk for example, you should be able to continue the day without there being any risk of an injury. There is a duty of care owed by the local authorises or the council to the public who must ensure public places are safe to use. If you have found yourself to be injured due to the negligence of the public authority, you could be entitled to receiving compensation.

We have dealt with numerous clients with regards to public liability claims and ensured they received the compensation they were entitled for. Some of the cases that have occurred are:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Supermarket injuries
  • Trips and falls in a public area that is managed by the local council

It is important you receive the compensation that you are entitled for as this would support you to get the rehabilitation that is required in order to have a successful recovery.

If you sustain an injury, for example by slipping or tripping, due to the negligence of others, Lex can assist you by identifying the correct party and pursuing a claim for compensation on your behalf on a No Win No fee basis.

Get in touch with our specialist solicitors by booking a free initial consultation or you could contact us on 01204 387310. Gain expert advice from our specialist solicitors in regards to your incident and receive the correct amount of compensation that you entitled for on a No Win No fee basis.

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