Human Rights Applications for Overstayers

Human Rights Applications for Overstayers

If you are found to have remained in the UK once your leave is expired and there is no evidence of a submitted in-time application to the Home office for an additional leave, you would be breaching the laws on immigration and would be regarded as an “overstayer”.

At this stage, you could be allowed to manage your stay through leave to remain application but are subject to obligations. They are:

  • The length of your residence
  • Whether you have any British children
  • Whether you are now in a relationship and whether your child has been in the UK for 7 years
  • Whether you have been in the UK for 2 years as a “overstayer”

The focal point that we would be examining is the way you displayed your private life and family life within the UK in accordance of Article 8 of The Human Rights Act 1998.

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