Criminal Injury

Criminal Injury

If you have suffered from a criminal injury, it could be a daunting experience. If you have been injured or experiencing psychological issues due to a criminal act, our solicitors are there to help you with your claim. Our specialist solicitors could assist you on your claim for you to gain the compensation you are entitled for.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is an executive agency of the UK Government. Established in 1996 the CICA administers a compensation scheme for injuries caused to victims of violent crime in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our team of injury lawyers can review and advise you on the prospects of making a claim if you are the victim of crime and we can take the stress away of manoeuvring the claims process as we are all too aware that dealing with the aftermath is traumatic enough.

Whilst dealing with your criminal injury claim, we acknowledge the importance of rehabilitation and the psychological harm you are going through, so we will ensure you get access to medical assistance to ensure you have a safe recovery.

Get in touch with our specialist solicitors by booking a free initial consultation or you could contact us on 01204 387310. Gain expert advice from our specialist solicitors in regards to your incident and receive the correct amount of compensation that you entitled for on a No Win No fee basis.

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